Thursday, May 9, 2013

Time has passed by quickly.  Very quickly.  The last 6 months are a blur and we have neglected our blog. If we told you all that had happened we are sure you could understand why.  But let us not focus on the past, lets tell you about what to expect.

The release of the Jojoba Youth Serum.  The Jojoba product range has been amazing for us.  The product moves off our shelves at a very satisfying rate and its natural contents supports our philosophy of offering our clients the least possible chemicals.  The Jojoba Youth Serum hasn't reached us yet but its jojoba oil enriched with added vitamins and antioxidants for healthy, youthful and radiant looking skin. Check out why jojoba is special and visit

Weddings.  We are now taking appointments for summer weddings, most so far for 2014.  We try to keep the number of weddings we do in any one season to a reasonable number.  The reason is we value the role we play very highly.  When a bride chooses to spend time in the salon with us, and often they have their support crew with them,  then we want them to have exclusive use of the salon, creating memories and having a relaxing and fun time without feeling any unnecessary pressure.    Come and take a look at what Turret House can offer.

Winter wellness.  Now is the time to power up for winter.  Take your vitamins, take time out for yourself, have a facial, a body scrub to rid yourself of dead skin and let your skin glow.  Welcome the shorter days with warm fires and reruns of Game of Thrones.  So bad its kinda good.

Stay well
Turret House Crew