Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We all have our little but important rituals. We have wonderful clients who come each month to have facials, to have waxing to have their hair coloured. These are rituals that make us feel comfortable with ourselves. So embrace your rituals, we know the importance of them and are privileged to share these with you.

The photo is from a special photo shoot by Graeme Bowden with makeup and hair by Gail of course - we don't have any clients who have this as their ritual but I am sure you get the point!

We have been a little quiet lately with the blog - with the death of Gail's father we have been keeping a low profile. However we are all back and in full swing. The wedding season marches on and keeps us very busy - we have already received a number of photos from the beautiful brides which we will post soon.

For our usual wee pearls of advice, some thoughts from us and some useless information we have the following:

Words of wisdom
From my (Gail's) father "don't forget my dreams of tomorrow"

Movie to see
Easy Virtue - the costumes a fab and Colin Firth has to be the sexiest man on the big screen...I guess its the accent.

"Happy" by Leona Lewis

Eating, eating and eating
I am sure we have used salmon before and add to that blueberries. What fabulous super foods. Here is a great recipe from the Donna Hay mag.
Salsa Verde Salmon: Cut 4 skinless salmon fillets into even pieces. Toss with oil and thread onto skewers. Barbeque for 1-2 minutes each side or until cooked through. roughly chp 1 cup mint leaves, 1/2 cup each of flat leaf parsley leaves and chives, 1 tablespoon rinsed salt capers and 1 clove arlic and combine with 2 tablespoons olice oil. Spoon salsa verde over the salmon to serve.

When in Wellington choose Osteria del Toro for food and Hummingbird for a "passion" cocktail

Book to read

Optimistic Wisdom "living in peace without worry"

Other stuff...

Men, how about doing the dishes, the ironing, stuff the chicken and buy your girl a pair of shoes.

Best looking women belongs to Alberta Ferreti

Style Guide

For make-up - lots of colour is in.
Lipstick is Marigold from Elizabeth Arden (thanks Penny)
If you are looking for great short haircuts have a look at Sharon Stone
Shoes - go for Grrrrl Power animal power
Choose Freya underwear from Kirkcaldie and Stains
Jewellery - a strand of pearls is a classic and a beautiful way to complete the bride.