Sunday, August 29, 2010

Straight Talking and a few Curls of Wisdom

We have started the wedding season! Take a look at our last blog it has photos from our last season and information on why you should book your wedding at Turret House. Anyway, for this months useless and not so useless information please read on!

We are listening to...Eat,Pray Love Soundtrack and a couple of french ditties by Babylon Circus. Songs are way more sexy when you can't understand the words.

Drinking Croft wine the 2006 pinot is fabulous

We are loving this blog

Quick fixes for the face

If you can't afford beautiful french clay which we use by the way, then use kitty litter. Apparently you add a little water and make a paste. I can't say we have tried it yet but if you do let us know the result!

Ooh and we can't forget to tell you about our new product, from Lot 8 a beautiful facial product made of olive oil and infused with other natural aromatic oils - its wonderful and - if you have a wee bit of acne add a drop of lavendar oil to the oil. Perfect skin food!

Our exercise goal for the season - to have a waist size 70% of our hip size. Apparently that's sexy...and do we care...yes actually.

What you should do right now...

If you want to do something special then consider a couples package - we have had quite a few people through lately and what a wonderful way to reconnect. Its a wonderful pampering with delightful food and drink. You need to experience it, people love it - it is truly the ultimate.

At this time of year it is easy to be 'run down' by winter so we recommend the following to give yourself a instant pick me up.

- Get a professional browshape. Groomed brows make you look polished and allow you to get away with wearing less make up.
- Bronze up. Applying a tan makes you feel thinner.
- Splurge on a manicure or pedicure. Fresh shiny nails make you happy whenever they catch your eye.
- De fuzz all over. Being smooth and hair free make you feel good.
- Get a blowdry. Get bouncy voluminous hair with not too much product and it should last for days.