Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hair maketh the woman...or man

Our crowning glory should be entrusted to the best. Our hair is often regarded as the best accessory we have and it affects the way we feel about ourselves. So why not have the best? Have a stylist who made it on the World cup circuit placing second in men's cutting and highly in both women's glamour and avant garde. Don't do average - get a fab cut at Turret House.

Check out our hair specials on the website!

Words of wisdom

We should give chances to ourselves and others to correct and improve.

Food for the month

This month we have a list of fat burning foods which we thought we should list since we have already consumed 4 cupcakes today and it's only 11am.
Soya Beans
Swiss Cheese

Book(s) to read this month

"How to be Lovely" by Melissa Hellstern (if you have mastered this then tell us how!)
For the ultimate antiaging "The Perricone Prescription" by Nicholas Perricone MD

Beautiful Skin

For those who don't know, we use Danne skin care products. Danne has a reputation as one of the best range of treatment products you can find anywhere in the world. If you have troubled skin then let us guide you to improving it - through using Danne products which where possible are natural, you will see real results. We love the products which although not the cheapest, are so well worth it for the results.

Flower for October

It goes without saying - Peonies are starting to bloom. They are with us for such a short time - so treat yourself and buy some. We get ours from Louise St John at Ponatahi Peonies.

Monthly Style Guide
Indulge in something feminine and girly. The Giselle Bundchen Ipanema jandals at Hannahs are fantastic.

I know we said this last month but it hasn't changed.... nail colours are Red Carpet, Haute Red and Green Apple. Red lipstick is in.

We are doing so many Spray tans at the moment - what a great way to look buff for any event or just to give yourself a lift.

Product of the Moment

Olive Oil! We love it...we don't sell it but hey its something we often have in the cupboard. Use it on your skin, your hair. Lot 8 olive oil is one of the best.


"I look so good (without you)" by Jesse James. This is the new theme song for Turret House.
With the words "Got me a new hair do, looking fresh and brand new" hey its no surprise we love it.

Gail and the Crew