Thursday, September 3, 2009

What we are thinking about...

There is so much inspiration out there but finding the time to find the things that inspire us is always the catch. There are a few things that we like to think might help you make the most of your time so take a moment to read and we hope that our little insights might just direct you toward inspiration.

If you want some help organising yourself for Christmas then listen up. Gift vouchers are a fab idea for your friends, family, staff. We will put ribbons on it, make it beautiful, post will be so easy.

Saying of the month

People should give without condition, not even an expectation of kind words.

Food for the month (this is always the first thing we start talking about, it just gets moved down the list so you don't think its the first thing!)

We say no to eating horse and yes to eating salmon (organic preferably from common sense organics.) Raw almonds slowly roasted with a little olive oil are yum but check them regularly. Eat Lindt Pear Intense chocolate. White vienna bread is not so hot.

Book to read this month
"Before your teenagers drive you crazy, read this!" by Nigel Latta

Monthly Style Guide

Glamour is in. See Coco Chanel at the movies.

Neck scarfs and fascinators are big style assets.

Grow your hair long - you will be wearing less at Christmas.

Latest nail colours Red Carpet, Haute Red and Green Apple. Red lipstick is in.

Music for the month

We have just downloaded the music of the last seasons weddings. We made a list of the music that was to be played at the crucial moments of each wedding and now have the compilation. Wonderfully romantic although it does include "I was made for loving you" by Kiss so just a little out there.

Advice for the man

Men, make your woman feel a million dollars by spending just over a hundred and bring her in for a manicure and pedicure.


For a top notch hair and makeup job then we strongly suggest you come here on your wedding day. The credentials of Gail are astonishing and her experience with the stars is a well kept secret. Gail prefers to keep it as a well kept secret but her PA has a big mouth...(and its the PA writing this). She will add something special to your day. The photos above are from a few of the weddings we have been lucky enough to be a part of.

Pina Colada tropical cake layered in cream cheese icing with toasted coconut and pineapple makes the perfect wedding cake.

We have just finished the ball season - thankyou for coming to us to make yourself look beautiful.

Heres to a fabulous spring.

Gail and the Crew