Sunday, March 14, 2010

As another season comes to a close, a whole new season of possibility opens up. The Oscars always serve to remind us of the glamour and there is a part of so many of us that likes to imagine we can have a bit of the glamour in our own lives. Although not in any way supported by the Oscar establishment, the movie Nine is an inspiration to glamour. It is our movie of the month and the music is the soundtrack to the movie. See it, listen to it and love it for what it is.

Words of wisdom

Live for today, not yesterday - it's gone dammit (but love your memories)

Where to eat

Go to Vynfields - what a fab place to eat and good food to boot. Their
food and wine is organic - we love those people who give a damn about what we put in our mouths.

Sushi for lunch from the Martinborough Hotel on a Wednesday.


The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra and as you might already know we have a great choice of beautiful magazines but the best value for money is the Harpers Bazaar.
And please if you have borrowed books bring them back!

What to eat

Make the most of the last of the seasons raspberries and blueberries
And to make someone's day make some jam or a pie and give it to someone special.

And as the nights get cooler then have a candlelit dinner, put a fire on and just embrace what good things autumm brings.

The beautiful people...

We love Johnny Depp at the moment - and Kate Hudson. Kate looks like a whole heap of fun.

Style Guide

The colder weather often means we go from warm rooms to cold outdoors - so you need to hydrate your skin with moisturiser.

Boots are also in the shops - which means cutting your toenails shorter for a comfortable fit.

Wear deep red lipstick and nail polish oh the glamour! In the words of Penelope Cruz in her song from Nine 'A call from the Vatican'..."I will kiss your toes",get in here for a pedicure for kissable toes.

Don't forget we stock the very lovely Italian Davines shampoo and conditioner range. With names like Love, Nounou and Momo and by the number of clients we have that are delighted with it, it must be good!

Heres to the beautiful autumn leaves...

Gail and the Team