Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We all have our little but important rituals. We have wonderful clients who come each month to have facials, to have waxing to have their hair coloured. These are rituals that make us feel comfortable with ourselves. So embrace your rituals, we know the importance of them and are privileged to share these with you.

The photo is from a special photo shoot by Graeme Bowden with makeup and hair by Gail of course - we don't have any clients who have this as their ritual but I am sure you get the point!

We have been a little quiet lately with the blog - with the death of Gail's father we have been keeping a low profile. However we are all back and in full swing. The wedding season marches on and keeps us very busy - we have already received a number of photos from the beautiful brides which we will post soon.

For our usual wee pearls of advice, some thoughts from us and some useless information we have the following:

Words of wisdom
From my (Gail's) father "don't forget my dreams of tomorrow"

Movie to see
Easy Virtue - the costumes a fab and Colin Firth has to be the sexiest man on the big screen...I guess its the accent.

"Happy" by Leona Lewis

Eating, eating and eating
I am sure we have used salmon before and add to that blueberries. What fabulous super foods. Here is a great recipe from the Donna Hay mag.
Salsa Verde Salmon: Cut 4 skinless salmon fillets into even pieces. Toss with oil and thread onto skewers. Barbeque for 1-2 minutes each side or until cooked through. roughly chp 1 cup mint leaves, 1/2 cup each of flat leaf parsley leaves and chives, 1 tablespoon rinsed salt capers and 1 clove arlic and combine with 2 tablespoons olice oil. Spoon salsa verde over the salmon to serve.

When in Wellington choose Osteria del Toro for food and Hummingbird for a "passion" cocktail

Book to read

Optimistic Wisdom "living in peace without worry"

Other stuff...

Men, how about doing the dishes, the ironing, stuff the chicken and buy your girl a pair of shoes.

Best looking women belongs to Alberta Ferreti

Style Guide

For make-up - lots of colour is in.
Lipstick is Marigold from Elizabeth Arden (thanks Penny)
If you are looking for great short haircuts have a look at Sharon Stone
Shoes - go for Grrrrl Power animal power
Choose Freya underwear from Kirkcaldie and Stains
Jewellery - a strand of pearls is a classic and a beautiful way to complete the bride.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hair maketh the woman...or man

Our crowning glory should be entrusted to the best. Our hair is often regarded as the best accessory we have and it affects the way we feel about ourselves. So why not have the best? Have a stylist who made it on the World cup circuit placing second in men's cutting and highly in both women's glamour and avant garde. Don't do average - get a fab cut at Turret House.

Check out our hair specials on the website!

Words of wisdom

We should give chances to ourselves and others to correct and improve.

Food for the month

This month we have a list of fat burning foods which we thought we should list since we have already consumed 4 cupcakes today and it's only 11am.
Soya Beans
Swiss Cheese

Book(s) to read this month

"How to be Lovely" by Melissa Hellstern (if you have mastered this then tell us how!)
For the ultimate antiaging "The Perricone Prescription" by Nicholas Perricone MD

Beautiful Skin

For those who don't know, we use Danne skin care products. Danne has a reputation as one of the best range of treatment products you can find anywhere in the world. If you have troubled skin then let us guide you to improving it - through using Danne products which where possible are natural, you will see real results. We love the products which although not the cheapest, are so well worth it for the results.

Flower for October

It goes without saying - Peonies are starting to bloom. They are with us for such a short time - so treat yourself and buy some. We get ours from Louise St John at Ponatahi Peonies.

Monthly Style Guide
Indulge in something feminine and girly. The Giselle Bundchen Ipanema jandals at Hannahs are fantastic.

I know we said this last month but it hasn't changed.... nail colours are Red Carpet, Haute Red and Green Apple. Red lipstick is in.

We are doing so many Spray tans at the moment - what a great way to look buff for any event or just to give yourself a lift.

Product of the Moment

Olive Oil! We love it...we don't sell it but hey its something we often have in the cupboard. Use it on your skin, your hair. Lot 8 olive oil is one of the best.


"I look so good (without you)" by Jesse James. This is the new theme song for Turret House.
With the words "Got me a new hair do, looking fresh and brand new" hey its no surprise we love it.

Gail and the Crew

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What we are thinking about...

There is so much inspiration out there but finding the time to find the things that inspire us is always the catch. There are a few things that we like to think might help you make the most of your time so take a moment to read and we hope that our little insights might just direct you toward inspiration.

If you want some help organising yourself for Christmas then listen up. Gift vouchers are a fab idea for your friends, family, staff. We will put ribbons on it, make it beautiful, post it...it will be so easy.

Saying of the month

People should give without condition, not even an expectation of kind words.

Food for the month (this is always the first thing we start talking about, it just gets moved down the list so you don't think its the first thing!)

We say no to eating horse and yes to eating salmon (organic preferably from common sense organics.) Raw almonds slowly roasted with a little olive oil are yum but check them regularly. Eat Lindt Pear Intense chocolate. White vienna bread is not so hot.

Book to read this month
"Before your teenagers drive you crazy, read this!" by Nigel Latta

Monthly Style Guide

Glamour is in. See Coco Chanel at the movies.

Neck scarfs and fascinators are big style assets.

Grow your hair long - you will be wearing less at Christmas.

Latest nail colours Red Carpet, Haute Red and Green Apple. Red lipstick is in.

Music for the month

We have just downloaded the music of the last seasons weddings. We made a list of the music that was to be played at the crucial moments of each wedding and now have the compilation. Wonderfully romantic although it does include "I was made for loving you" by Kiss so just a little out there.

Advice for the man

Men, make your woman feel a million dollars by spending just over a hundred and bring her in for a manicure and pedicure.


For a top notch hair and makeup job then we strongly suggest you come here on your wedding day. The credentials of Gail are astonishing and her experience with the stars is a well kept secret. Gail prefers to keep it as a well kept secret but her PA has a big mouth...(and its the PA writing this). She will add something special to your day. The photos above are from a few of the weddings we have been lucky enough to be a part of.

Pina Colada tropical cake layered in cream cheese icing with toasted coconut and pineapple makes the perfect wedding cake.

We have just finished the ball season - thankyou for coming to us to make yourself look beautiful.

Heres to a fabulous spring.

Gail and the Crew

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The End of Winter...

We are coming toward the end of July and yes we have started contemplating the end of winter...a little optimistic but hey if it's one thing we are not short of it's optimism. So bring on Spring, and a bit of sunshine to go with it! We here at Turret House have put together some of the things that make winter that little bit brighter... enjoy.

Food for the season

Organic Manuka Honey (build resistance to flu and cold) and organic peanut butter (try on toast with blue cheese, alfafa sprouts and a little mayo)

The best drink

A yard glass full with ice, fresh basil passionfruit vodka and passionfruit liqueur and topped off with Chi

Flower of the moment

Plant anemones ready for spring. And we can’t go passed hydrangeas – they rock in any colour.

Words of wisdom

“You’ll be okay”

Relationship advice (from Gail alone!!!!)

Stay up and give him dinner and ask how his day was…no matter how late at night.

( Oh stoppitt you lot!)

Hottest woman

The Russian woman on the cover of the June British Vogue – Natalia Vodianova.

Hottest man

Ryan Reynolds (go see The Proposal at the movie theatre)

Hottest dance

The hoedown with Miley Cyrus – learn this dance with your children (Thalia is offering leesons)

Hottest beauty treatments

Beauty treatment for the season and forever more is The Brazilian

The ultimate winter treat is a pedicure with “it’s up to blue” polish. (for finger nails try “Naughty” a lush choc brown).

Think about having a facial to remove the dry winter skin – spring will be here soon, honest! An exfoliating massage and spray tan will change the way you feel about yourself. Say good bye to pasty winter skin.

Lipstick - nudes are in

Product of the moment

Playball soda hair sparkler and for men ItalicOSIS+ Mess up

In General...

Need a present for a wedding or anniversary - “The Red Thread, a love story” by Leslie Walters or a silver serving spoon with the initials of the bride and groom engraved.

Men buy your woman a voucher for a massage. it's the most wonderfully indulgent thing a person could have.

See you soon

Gail and the team